Pantera Blockchain Summit


Poker Tournament and Whiskey & Cocktail Tastings

Following the day’s events, we invite you to join us for a night of poker, craft cocktails, and whiskey tastings with the Pantera team.


Participate in a winner-takes-all poker tournament with the Pantera crew.

Be ready to go all-in on Bitcoin with a buy-in of 1,000,000 sats (approx. US$100 based on 1 BTC = $10,000).

Tournament Registration

In order to register, you must buy-in in advance by sending 1,000,000 sats (0.01 BTC) to the following address or QR code. Winnings will be paid out in BTC.


Please keep a record of your public key to confirm your participation in the event.

Craft Cocktails

Wind down with an evening conversation over craft cocktails, designed by an expert mixologist.

Whiskey Tasting

Indulge in a sampling of whiskeys with your fellow guests, guided by an expert ambassador.