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Speakers | Pantera Blockchain Summit

Pantera Blockchain Summit


Nick Szabo
Cryptocurrency & Smart Contracts Researcher
J. Christopher Giancarlo
Former CFTC Chairman
Jeremy Allaire
CEO/Founder, Circle
Mike Belshe
CEO/Co-founder, BitGo
Wences Casares
CEO, Xapo
Thomas Chippas
CEO, ErisX
Jesse Clayburgh
Protocol Labs, FileCoin
Mo Dong
CEO/Co-founder, Celer Network
Michael Dunworth
CEO/Co-founder, Wyre
Brendan Eich
CEO, Brave
Ed Felten
Co-founder, Arbitrum
Uri Klarman
CEO/Co-founder, bloXroute
Uri Kolodny
CEO/Co-founder, StarkWare
Matthew Liu
Co-founder, Origin Protocol
Zaki Manian
Head of Research, Tendermint
Dawn Song
CEO/Founder, Oasis Labs
Tyler Spalding
Co-founder, Flexa
Eric Tang
CTO/Founder, Livepeer
Nikil Viswanathan
CEO/Co-founder, Alchemy
Will Warren
CEO/Co-founder, 0x
Adam White
COO, Bakkt
Galen Wolfe-Pauly
CEO/Co-founder, Urbit
Ethan Beard
SVP, Ripple Xpring